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Welcome To My Prayer Room

Call for an Appointment Today. Live One On One Session with Prince Of The South Bodacious Concerning The Answers To Your Questions. If You Are Not In Florida, I Do Offer Phone Sessions As Well. 


Love makes the world go around. If you are having problems with your Lover,Romance or would just like to find it, we have the key to your Desires.


Disclaimer: We take your privacy seriously. We do not sell, distribute or share your contact information. The information contained on this site is for information purposes only, is subjective and may not apply to your specific situation.You Must Be 21 Years or Older ,Sold As Relgios FolkLore Curios Faith Based ,No Claims Results May Vary

 Reverend Bodacious Hopkins

Gifted man of God and Spiritual Worker ,hundreds of people from around the world seeks his advice in matters of life ,love, relationships ,legal matters ,career, money ,luck and addictions.

Many have taken advantage of his 30-day retainer which allows one to receive unlimited Spiritual Advice. Bodacious has always work this way, for many spiritual workers will start your case but not finish it, it is important to Bodacious that your attracting what you're looking for God to do for you.

Hundred will testify that Bodacious is truly God's prophet whatever he tells you to do do it for God will hear and honor his Prayers. Bodacious believes fervent Prayer, knows no barrier; no distance; does not respect the color of the skin, consider not a person's social status; wealth and affluence means nothing; serves both the rich and the poor; does not discriminate among the sexes, breaks all barriers, has no fall back or backfire; and knows not the difference between day and night. it for those with serious intentions accompanied with genuine desire to achieve happiness in life. the skeptic should stay way. if you come here, be sure that your request will be met through the Prayers of the gifted Man Of God Bodacious. Lasting ,joy, health, happiness, hope, success, glory and fulfillment.

Receive a Free 15 minute Reading by phone or video .......561-667-5591 Edit This Title

Prophet Bodacious Spiritual Advisor No Problem To Big Or Small, Man Of God Gifted



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