Prince Of The South  

  Gifted Spritual Adviser Of Our Time

Bodacious Prince Of The South

Call for an Appointment Today. Live One On One Session with Prince Of The South Bodacious Concerning The Answers To Your Questions. If You Are Not In Florida,  I Do Offer Phone Sessions As Well.

Voodoo Love Spells , Custom Spells, Psychic Love Spells, Psychic Readings, 

Chakra Balancing, Meditation, African Voodoo Spells.

Let the power of magic manifest by reason in which you perceive.


Love makes the world go around. If you are having problems with your Lover,Romance or would just like to find it, we have the key to your Desires. 



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Wonderful Counselor!!!

Enter into the world of spirits where desire becomes reality. Dabble in a variety of services utilizing the wisdom of the bayou to enrich faith and better your life. Have you ever been curious to know what fate has in store for you? Have you ever felt love unjustly denied to you? Have you ever been crossed and demanded satisfaction? We all stand at the crossroads and need only to find the sign posts. When at the iron gates, one only needs the key. Here you will find that key! Let the spirits help you. Discover the secret power of the Apocrypha for such ails as loneliness, hardship, ill fortune, lust, and injustice! The Price Of The South, can help you reach your untapped potential and right the wrongs that burden you! 

Commune with your ancestors as they advise and guide you on your path of the unknown! The spirits walk among us and can help light the darkness; see the unseen. There are forces at work behind the fabric of this world that science cannot yet explain. Science can cure the woes afflicted by this world but how can the tools of natural science fend off the bothers of the supernatural? By utilizing herbs, stones, roots, and other curios, we can influence real change and attract the energies wanted or needed in our lives. Our carefully handcrafted items and services can help you make very real changes and persuade very real outcomes! 

So if you want to influence love, luck, money, and career or just get even, you can rest assured you have arrived at your destination! Here we walk with a foot in both worlds, where energies ebb and flow to create or destroy and we are the weavers of destiny!